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Thought for the Day 3/25/06

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PUNISHMENT – Some pain or penalty warranted by law, inflicted on a person, for the commission of a crime or misdemeanor, or for the omission of the performance of an act required by law, by the judgment and command of some lawful court.

2 a : suffering, pain, or loss that serves as retribution b : a penalty inflicted on an offender through judicial procedure

If a punishment is what we give to someone who commits a crime or transgression, then when that has been done, we keep hanging over the persons head. We label them ex-cons, offenders, and so on. What happened to “you did it, you paid for it, get on with life”?

Are we as people so shallow and so hung up on what was done to us, that we have to keep bringing it up, and rubbing it in people’s faces. Some people have to wait 20 or 30 years before offenses committed at 19 or 20 years of age stop haunting them.

I think as a society we need to stop and think about all the wrongs we have commited, and ask ourselves this question. ” Do I want all of my mistakes and indescretions rubbed in my face for the rest of my life?”

Might change how tolerant we are towards others.


Written by bofhjr716

March 25, 2006 at 10:30 am

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  1. Those of us who are members of 12 step groups alway end the meeting with the Lords Prayer. One day, several years ago, as I was doing that I was struck by what I was asking God to do….forgive me as I forgive others. Holy Shit! I thought of the wrong an uncle had done me, in my early adolesence, and how long I had hung on to that resentment. How I had used it as an excuse to drink, drug and an abundance of unacceptable behavior. That was the day I made a decision to let it go, to forgive. And instead of asking to be forgiven in the manner I forgive others….I ask for mercy.


    March 26, 2006 at 3:33 pm

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