The Hell You Say!

The Bastard Junior Strikes Again!!!

Daylight Savings Time

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Before all you people with NO sense of humor chime in, I know the reason we observe D.S.T.   So before you start this is a preemptive STFU.


Daylight Savings Time makes me grumpy.   The older a person gets, the harder it is to modify our sleep patterns.  Another thing that happens in the aging process…. A major dose of the grumpy ass when our sleep gets fucked with.  If you are a member of my family you are a grumpy ass if your sleep gets fucked with regardless of age.  The grumpy just gets worse as we get older.  There is my grumpy observation for the day.


Written by bofhjr716

November 2, 2009 at 11:01 am

Posted in General Rants

2 Responses

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  1. What makes me even grumpier is a call from a shit bag who calls in sick at 5:30 in the morning for 2pm shift. STFU BITCH! Call somebody who cares. And if I have to go in for her ass I will REALLY BE PISSED. DON’T FUCK WITH MY SLEEP!


    November 2, 2009 at 11:52 am

  2. Well I am a grumpy bastard regardless, but this time change doesn’t bother me as much as that motherfucker in the spring does. Spring forward?? SPRING FORWARD?!!? FUCK YOU! How about I spring my boot up your ass? What the fuck kind of fairy dust was the motherfucker who invented time changes snorting?! Must have been laced with a modicum of dumbfuck powder, and two or three pinches of retard weed. THAT fucking time change takes this bastard and turns him into A MEAN MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD who will rip your head off and shit down your neck.

    The Bastard

    November 2, 2009 at 2:34 pm

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