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The Bastard Junior Strikes Again!!!

TSA part 1

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On Tuesday the 10th of November I got to Dallas Love Field in Dallas, Texas.   Like most passengers I moved to the ticket counter to check my bag, and check for any special NOTATs ( that’s Notice to Air Travelers for the uninformed).  Being a frequent air traveler, I am familiar with the majority of the Department of Homeland Security’s rules and regulations.  Some of them I am in complete agreement with.  Some of them makes me think they got some poor kid off the short bus, took his helmet from him, stuck him in a concrete room for a week, then told him..”Write some reg’s for us”.

This prompts my new name for the TSA.  I will no longer be referring to this agency as the Transportation Security Administration.       They are now..  Terminally Stupid Asshats.

While I had no issues taking my novel through security, the individual behind me was a Southwest Airlines Pilot in Command (also referred to as Captain).  On his flight case was several decals identifying him as a former United States Air Force pilot.  The Asshats practically stripped him in front of the terminal to clear him through security.  So here begins the real rant.

This poor guy spent several years as a pilot in the Air Force, meaning he held (and prolly still holds) a security clearance.  He is an airline pilot, which means these same asshats crawled up his ass with a scanning electron microscope to check everything about him and his family.  He holds an airman’s card (pilots license) which means the FAA crawled up his ass to check him out.  Yet these asshats are going to put him through this level of humiliation to get to his plane and do his job.

While I was putting my shoes back on watch the Asshats at the security checkpoint, I saw the “LEAD Asshat” tell a person to remove his laptop from the bag and power it on so he could verify it wasn’t an explosive device. …. I wasn’t aware the TSA flunkies at the airport were EOD trained.  And judging by the cursory examination of the laptop, they aren’t.   Even the non-trained, explosive stupid person who payed attention in chemistry class knows that with a few household chemicals you could make a plastic explosive.  Then with some solder and basic electronics knowledge, apply it to a non active circuit.     to the TSA I say this….. MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am going to fast forward to Oakland, California.     While waiting for my plane to begin boarding, I saw a pack of asshats come walking through the concourse.  These 10 TSA folks come walking through like a Gestapo detachment.   They stop at our gate and begin “random pat downs”.  No biggie I tell myself.  I am sure some moron who has been promoted beyond ability based on a double digit IQ has decided these random pat downs are a good idea.  I clear the pat down, and hand the gate agent my boarding pass.  As I move into the receiving area of the jetway there is a lone Nazi Asshat who decides that a 6′ tall whiter than white redneck to talks like he spent 10 years driving cattle is particularly menacing, and needs a re-re-pat down.  OK.  This Gestapo crew was doing their job…. fine…..I get this…..  Those who made the rules that these folks with no critical thinking skills have to follow… are complete and total FUCKTARDS!!!!!!

I understand that the vast majority of criminals are stupid, but weeping Jesus on the Cross….. HELEN KELLER COULD SNEAK CONTRIBAND PAST THESE MORONS.

All I could think as I am on the plane to Portland was… that’s our tax dollars at work.   GG DHS   GG


Written by bofhjr716

November 14, 2009 at 12:45 pm

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