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Tech Support

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”  Good Morning, This is Adam”

   ” Yes this is _________ (name left blank to protect the dumbass caller), in Financial Aid” 

“How may I help you”

   ”  My computer won’t come on”

“is it plugged in?”

    ” Yes”

“are the lights lit up on the machine”

    ” there is a yellow light on the monitor”

“how about the tower?”


“the big black box on the floor, is there a green and red light lit up?”


“Press the silver button, and tell me what happens”

    “OH!!!  It’s comming up now!”    “Thank You”

“Not a problem”   




Excerpt from a real tech support call I handled.   I just have 2 words…                   

                            DUMB ASSES!!!!! 

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March 24, 2006 at 3:13 pm

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