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Don’t Mess With Texas

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h/t to Hippie Joe for this one.

Warning… Prairie faeries and Yankees may find this disturbing and offensive, so continue reading at your own risk.

Texas Border Enforcement

What could happen if you screw with a TEXAS law enforcement officer – rather graphic….

Living on the border, TEXANS are all familiar with criminals coming from Mexican gangs.  In this situation, three armed felons crossed the TEXAS sovereign border, and tried to rob an off duty El Paso, TEXAS police officer dressed in civilian clothes while he stood in front of a bank.  The plan was for two of them to grab his backpack and toss it to an accomplice on a stolen motorcycle.

However, this well prepared El Paso Police Officer shot them ALL, managing to kill 2 immediately.

The 3rd thug was shot in both arms and bled to death before help arrived.

Do you realize how much this TEXAN saved the US taxpayer by not having to prosecute these worthless thugs?

Arrest and detention for 1 night = -$6,000

Transportation for deportation back to Mexico the next day = -$1,000

Air time for Obama to apologize in 30 min speech = -$25,000,000

Three .45 rounds = $.75

Auction 1 slightly used but scratched motorcycle = $2,500

Taxpayer savings = $25,009500.25

Not bad, not bad at all!

They Picked The Wrong Man to Rob – Too Bad for them ALL! – only in TEXAS!!

God Bless TEXANS!





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July 16, 2010 at 10:22 am

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From the oh no you didn’t files…..

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OMG all of the men in this family are just…..whores

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Holy Crap..

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Someone actually had the balls to do it.  I shamelessly stole the this from Fox

Michigan Doctor Hangs American Flag Upside Down

Published July 10, 2010


Dr. Thomas Byrd recently flew the American flag upside down outside his Michigan office.

It’s a sign of disrespect to veterans, service members and anyone who’s patriotic — an American flag flown upside-down. Why would someone fly Old Glory upside down, especially during the Fourth of July holiday? It’s the work of a Downriver, Mich., eye doctor, reported.

It certainly caught people’s eyes. An American flag flying upside down in front of Dr. Thomas Byrd’s  office over the Fourth of July weekend. The eye doctor says he did it when he asked himself some questions.

“What’s the state of our nation at this time? And I thought that she’s in distress. So, I thought I would flip the flag in the long-standing sign of distress,” said Byrd. “And by inverting the flag I would perhaps get a few people to ask themselves maybe the same question. How is the Constitution doing? How is my liberty? How is my freedom compared to a few years ago?”

Dr. Byrd says flying the flag upside down was never intended to be disrespectful. He simply wanted to get people’s attention, MyFoxDetroit reported.

“A lot of people misunderstood and somehow thought I had some beef with the United States or that I… disrespected the flag or the country, and that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Byrd said.

The U.S. Flag code says the flag should only be flown upside down as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life and property.

“We are certainly in dire danger of property. There’s a great deal of property being taken from people right now, but it’s not the intent that we are in dire and immediate need that we’re being overrun,” said Byrd.

Dr. Bryd says he’s a Conservative who respects the Constitution and he did find some of former President George W. Bush’s approaches to Constitutional issues troubling. Some Conservative and Libertarian groups, such as the Cato Institute, found Bush’s record sharply at odds with the text, history and structure of the Constitution. But those days did not inspire Dr. Byrd to flip the flag.

We asked Byrd who is a greater threat to the Constitution, George W. Bush or Barack Obama? He answered, “I think the Obama administration

, by far.”

I for one am impressed that Dr Byrd knew the code in the 1st place.  He wanted to get the attention of the American people and let them know that he thinks his country is in DEEP shit.  I for one agree with him.  If you have the guts to stand up for what you believe in… show it.  I’m not saying to run right out and invert Old Glory, but there are other things you can do…. one of the biggest things you can do…. VOTE  Vote the cockbags out of office that allowed our country to get into the sorry state it’s become.  Vote for the most qualified person to do the job.  1st and foremost.. Vote for the person who will put the well-being of this country and it’s citizens above all else.

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Few things make you question your self worth more than the litany of shit you have to endure when you are unemployed.  While I am sure there folks out there who chose this…. I do not.  I do what I am supposed to.  I fill out applications and send out resumes.  I frequent the job websites , and apply for every job I am remotely qualified for.      Once in a while though…..  it would be nice to at least receive a response from some of these folks.   Even a thank you no would be better than wondering if they even received you stuff.

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Am I missing something here?

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Taken from a Fox “News” report :

A North Carolina pastor was relieved of his duties as an honorary chaplain of the state house of representatives after he closed a prayer  by invoking the name of Jesus.

“I got fired,” said Ron Baity, pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. He had been invited to lead prayer for an entire week but his tenure was cut short when he refused to remove the name Jesus from his invocation.

Baity’s troubles began during the week of May 31. He said a House clerk asked to see his prayer. The invocation including prayers for our military, state lawmakers and a petition to God asking him to bless North Carolina.”

“When I handed it to the lady, I watched her eyes and they immediately went right to the bottom of the page and the word Jesus,” he told FOX News Radio. “She said ‘We would prefer that you not use the name Jesus. We have some people here that can be offended.’”

OK,   I get that not everyone shares the same religious beliefs.   I get the fact that some folks have no religious beliefs at all.   But fucking really?

#1 You invite a Baptist Preacher to do a prayer you are gonna hear the name Jesus used……..A LOT

#2 Let’s skip over the fact that he is Baptist and look at the fact he is Christian. Now lets analyze the word…. Chrisitan =Follower of JESUS CHRIST.  And you expect him not to use the Name of Jesus in his prayer.

I swear people, if the folks running our government lack that much common sense then we need some new ones.   I challenge every man and woman in America to vote.  I also challenge the American people to kick the fucking morons with no common sense out of office.   All I know is that if I was an incumbent in Washington… I would be fucking afraid I was about to lose my job.  Head socialist err I mean president included.

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July 9, 2010 at 11:48 am

No news

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Today is the day of same ole shit.  The head socialist er..I mean president is pissed at AZ still… BP is downplaying the oil spill, Lohan is going to jail blah blah motherfucking blah.    Give me some real news.  News that matters.  Fucking A

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July 8, 2010 at 3:43 pm

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0 to Bastard in 0.0000001 second

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Some forward thinking politicians ( mark that down you may never see that from me again ) in the great state of Arizona decided that the immigration policy currently in effect wasn’t doing anything about the problem in their fair state.  They got together and passed legislation with THE BEST INTERESTS OF THEIR CITIZENS in mind.   Wow…. imagine that.  A government working for the people….  We should get one of those to sit in Washington D.C.        Well the pinko/socialist/liberal/apologetic/selfish/can’t be upstaged cockbag government couldn’t let a state succeed at doing something in 1 legislative session the they have yet to be able to do.

So…. here ya go.  Your federal tax dollars at work

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July 6, 2010 at 4:34 pm